• An apology to my users!

    Over the past few weeks I had a series of incidents with GoDaddy.com hosting services.

    These series included incorrectly upgrading me to a vastly more expensive plan. One plan was selected and projected at an additional amount of $5.55 per month and when the upgrade didn't work, while on the call they upgraded me to a $20 a month plan. Only noticed it after looking at credit card statement.

    When they were performing that upgrade, it was an incomplete upgrade to the wrong plan and ended up breaking the 3 of the 4 sites I own. They were then telling me it would take 72 hours to resolve despite my protests to the effect that they are the ones that broke my sites. I had managed to somewhat get them back up running again and then they broke them again 4 days later when they finally responded to the ticket to fix the bad upgrade. I spent several hours rebuilding sites from my own backups yet again.

    After it was all working on the upgrade, I only then noticed the charges on my card and they refunded me and initiated a Downgrade once again assuring me it would only take a few minutes and then it ended up breaking all the sites I own again with them yet again telling me it would take up to 72 hours to resolve.

    They then Performed a restore with symbolic links to my main live directory (should never ever be done in a million years) and consequently when I cleaned up the backup files after all was running again it blew away all my sites yet again because it wiped out the public html directory. This is the equivalent of you having a home directory with a backup directory and a HTML directory at the same level and then deleting the backup directory and it wiping out the HTML directory as well.

    I spent 2 days rebuilding my sites again from my own backups. The reason this took so long is that the databases and my own backup files didn't match up and I had to go back to before the first upgrade to get it all working again. None the less, I had them working again.

    Then they provided incomplete backups with mismatched database and file dates with an inability to provide a disaster recovery restore, mixing August Database with May files. This wiped my sites out yet again even after I asked them to call me back before doing the restore. I woke up and found an e-mail telling me my issue was resolved and going online only to find yet again all my sites down again and broken.

    During the course of all this I asked for supervisors and was told they would call me and only ever had one call me back in the end. After sharing my nightmare all to say we are sorry, we did things wrong, but your responsible for your sites and other than the backups we have provided, we cannot provide you any additional assistance. When I asked if they cannot or will not, they answer was they will not and cannot.

    After all this the sites were corrupted and running very very slow and throwing strange errors.

    Another broken restore was provided as a consolation and an offer for free backup service for 1 year. That’s a $36 dollar give away in case you were wondering. Thank you Godaddy for so strongly standing behind all your mess ups and for all the rapid responses to all the issues you caused! At one point I was even charged for the restore due to the symbolic file links and incorrect restore.

    Here is what I learned about Godaddy from all this:

    Their Disaster Recovery Backups are not guaranteed and obviously for a reason, they weren’t any good and in my case and they couldn’t even give me a good one from 2 months back.

    They perform those bad backups every 4 days. Why bother if they are no good?

    Their customer service reps will omit call notes when things go bad and they can’t handle your issues. I was told 3 times my requests for supervisor call backs were noted and then subsequently after not receiving a call back was told there was no note of my request.

    I was repeatedly told Godaddy can’t be responsible for issues.

    This is just one story of many I have had with Godaddy over the past 5 years. If you host there and your smart, you’ll take your own backups before you let them touch anything on your account, because they wont be very accountable for their own mistakes and tell you its your fault when they make them.

    I highly recommend you AVOID GoDaddy!

    The bottom line is I lost about 10 days of your activity because of this. My sincere apologies if you registered and cant login now and or you made a forum post and its now missing.

    It's a good thing I had backups before they started all this. It was just a shame that I couldn't get good ones during the various stages things worked for a few days here and there.

    I am almost done now moving to Inmotion Hosting, we’ll see how it goes! The offer free backups and malware scanning as a part of their plan.

    Thanks as always for using and visiting my sites!
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