There are a few simple rules for using the site, by registering an account on this site you agree to abide by the rules listed below:
  • You must be respectful of other users, never demean another user, and never use foul language.  Misconduct will result in the offending user(s) being banned from access to the site.
  • You must never post illicit/explict content or anything that may be considered unsavory or pornographic.
  • We don't argue here, please dont try to use this place to debate sex, race, religion or politics.
  • Discussion is focused to Glass made for Nikon Cameras, there are forums to cover non NIKKOR lenses such as Alt Lens Alt Mount.  An AF Lens Forum was created for users who use both to be able to still share their AF lens creations.
  • Blogs must be photography centric, its ok to also have blog content with all lenses, all cameras.
  • Photos posted on this site other than in a blog should be from a Nikon camera.
  • New Forums can be requested via a PM to EverStaR.
  • With a PM to EverStaR you may request the ability to create reviews, and I reserve the right to not publish them, edit them or other wise alter them in the future. I  may also delgate these duties to site helpers as well.
  • There is no adverising allowed on the site... peiod, no excpetions!  
  • You are encouraged to link pictures from your external gallery rather than uploading directly here, but your welcome to post directly here if you have no where else.  Storage base is ultimately limited and I would have to require donations to get more storage.  I prefer to keep the sirte commercial free if possible.
  • You must not post copyrighted material on this site unless you are the copyright owner.  You are granting me the right to display any content (includes all text and photos, graphics) on this site and will never hold me liable for displaying your work or someone else linking to and displaying your work.  
  • You also agree that you will not ask me to remove your work after posting it, I do not have the means to support such work and effort. I may not be able to grant you the ability to delete your own work.
  • You agree to never hold me liable for any reason as a result of your useage of this site.

The rules must be followed, failure to follow these rules may result in you being banned from the site permantly.

Thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy the site!


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