Welcome to the Lens Resource section of the site!  Please use the Drop Down Menu on the site to navigate to these resources and find useful Nikon manual focus lens Information as described below:

Lens Resources

This part of the menu is dedicated to external resource links for information from other websites that provide MF Lens Information.

Photosynthesis Nikon Lens Database

This is perhaps one of the greatest sources of Nikon Lens information of all time, many thanks goes to Roland creator and owner of the site.  Please consider making a dontations to Roland for his hard work in creating and maintaining the site. A link can be found on his site. 

The Holy Grail of Nikon MF Lens Thread

Get linked to the best thread on the internet covering Nikon Manual Focus Lenses; the Nikon MF Thread.

Nikon Lens Designations

This is your first step to understanding all the older Nikon Lens Designations like AI, AI-s ect. 

Nikon History

This is a great link to learn about the history of Nikon!

Ken Rockwell

What can I say, whether you agree or disagree the man and his site are legendary.  This links you to the list of MF lenses he covers and has great basic info about them.

Photography In Malaysia

This is a nice site with lots of rich info as well about Nikon Cameras and some lens coverage. 

NASA Nikon Serial Number Database

This page is a summary of film-era, mainly manual focus, Nikon equipment serial numbers used by NASA as part of the Shuttle, Skylab, Gemini and Apollo missions. While the list currently only details lenses, I will be adding camera bodies and accessories over the next while.

Lens Reviews - The NikkorGlass review engine.  This is meant to allow photographers from all over the world to submit lens reviews for the Nikkor Manual Focus lenses they own and use so everyone may benefit from their notes and comment with their own impressions.  This will debuted in early March 2015.


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