This is a short guide to submitting articles.

The site has a 60 minute login expiration, so it's best to write articles first on your home computer and get them ready for submission.

You will need to contact AM4L first and he will setup and give you Access.  Once access has been made available you will find a create articles and Pending articles in the Log In/Out Menu pull down.

Article Intro graphics will need to follow a struck 6x4 ratio to keep the blocks even.  The article must begin with an image at that ratio.

Article text should be 12 points in Arial Font. This is can be changed in the editor toolbar selecting the font family pull down and font size.




Images after the first image in the article can be any aspect ratio.. Please keep them at 1000 or below pixels wide. To insert a picture click the photo icon to the left of ABC Checkmark Icon.  This will pop up a dialogue box in and in the right top corner you will see an upload button.  Please keep photos sized under 300K. 


A good rule of thumb is less than 10 photos for a major feature article. Once the photo is uploaded you must select it in the list, edit the size in the dialogue box and click inset.  You should also center photos in articles.

Enter your text and article using the editor and save every so often as to not lose your work.

Be very careful about pasting text from word processors into your article.  There is a clipboard icon with a T in it that will strip strange characters and incompatible formatting. 


You can also cut and paste your text into a non-formatting editor before pasting it into the site editor.  You can paste into Notepad for example on a windows machine. 

MS Word and other word processors add a lot of embedded formatting that will cause issues with the site editor and make your formatting flakey and unpredictable.

Some browsers may have problems with you using the mouse cut and paste tool, in this case you might find it easier to cut with the Control Keys.  CTRL C to Copy, CTRL X to Cut, CTRL V to paste.  You can highlight the text to cut and paste and then use the Control keys.

You will want to prepare your graphics to be clear and sharp for a pixel resolution of 900 wide and not more than 900 long.

You cannot paste images directly into the editor.  If for example you wish to share an article from your blog, or another website you can toggle the editor and paste in your HTML.  The graphics and all can be added in this scenario and it should pull them from the original site the article lives on.  You can then toggle back to text and make changes if needed.  This will work for as long as your article lives on the old site.  If the article is deleted there the images will break in your article here.  The text will remain.

You will need 1 picture from the FrontPage Tile (teaser) and then at least one image at the begging on the article.  This is to avoid formatting problems.  Your Article should begin with these two images, the first for the teaser and the second to begin the article.  I will remove the first from your article and attach it to the tile when I promote your article to a feature.

To attach and image to the article you will need to find the picture insert icon.  See example below:


Once you click on the image you will get a new dialog box below:



By default you are assigned your own directory on the server where you will upload your images for insertion into your article.  Alternatively you can use the URL field in the top left to link to an image off another site where your image is stored.

Click the upload button on the upper right corner of the dialogue box and a new dialogue box will appear:

This will show you a file requestor on your own PC and let you find the directory where your image is located at and select it or multiples for upload.  You can select more than one image by holding down the control key and clicking on the images.  Your images should be less that 400K as a rule of thumb.

Select your file or files and then click ok.

Click upload and your image will be uploaded to your directory on the server.


You'll now see it in your directory and you will need to select it, make sure it appears in the information area in the top left corner, adjust the size if needed and then click insert. See graphic below.


Now your image will appear in the editor and you can center it or align it using the alignment tools.  An example of the alignment tools will appear below in the text editing section of this guide.


I suggest saving your article periodically to ensure you don’t lose your work.


This will close the editor and you will need to access the pending article link in the Log In/Out menu pull down.  Your article will appear in the list and then you can click edit to open it up in the editor again.

This short guide should help you get up and editing and ready to publish content.  Notify me by PM when your article is ready for publication and I will make it available to the public.

You can ask questions in the special forums you will see in the forum list for site helpers.



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