In trying to strive for excellene and becoming a solid source for information before reviewing a lens you should collect and have available the following information before starting a review: If you believe we missed something, please PM AM4L.

There are actually a lot of manadatory fields in a review so it is important that you understand what will be required and collect that information prior to entering in an actual review.  Soon I hope to have a really great review entered into the review engine to provide a quality example others can model or seek to exceed.

The Lens menu here on the site has links to external sites which serve as current sources for lens information. Regrettably no one site has it all which is in part the mission for this site, to provide a really great more singular source for MF Lens information.

You will be able to add 10 pictures to the actual review.  Front, Left Side, Right Side, Back Side, Top, Bottom, and up to 4 Sample Images.  You do not have to add all 10, although its highly encouraged. You can also come back and edit a review if needed and add more pictures after the review has been added.  A field in the review has also been added so the review can be linked to a forum discussion on the lens.

The matrix below is being provided to let you know what data will be asked for to complete a review, you can print the pieces, or download the PDFF and use it to collect your data for the review.


LensCriteria 1

LensCriteria 2

LensCriteria 3

Enjoy the review fun!


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