Welcome to NikkorGlass!

This site is dedicated to the expended discussion of Manual Focus Lenses, both new and old dedicated to their use on Nikon cameras.  

The site was inspired from the most popular thread on Fred Miranda started there back in 2010 which has resulted in thousands and thousands of replies (over 100,000 and growing daily) and pictures related to this topic.

There is no intent on my part in trying to recreate or replace that thread there as I am a big fan of it, participate daily and also a fan of the forums in general on FM.  In fact, a link to that thread is available from the Lens Resource Menu. 

Since the sites launch it became evident that the site needed to track to a higher objective than its original intent.   There are not many places for manual focus lens users to hang out and enjoy.

Any and all users of manual focus and autofocus lenses are truly welcomed here and participation is highly encouraged. There is a set of fourms and social boards providing discussion coverage of the lenses.  While the main intent of this site was to serve as a companion site for users of the MF thread on FM,  this new site also gives fans users of different cameras and different manual focus lens a place to gather and discuss them and their passion for them.  

You'll also find some special forums here for Film, Astronomy and the Nikon DF.

The site includes a review engine as well for Nikon MF lenses and its focus will stay exclusive to that task.  A blogging engine has also been installed allowing registerd users to create and maintain a personlal or even a team blog on this site.. The site is all paid up for the next three years to guarentee we move into a bright future.

Your help here will be the biggest contribution you can make though, we can always benefit from useful articles on Nikon lenses and of course we want the reviews to be from real owners and users of the lenses.

Finally I want to encourage a mindset of inclusion verses exclusion!  I am of the of the belief that the more you seek to exclude others from particpation the more lonely an island one will live on!  Remember to be kind to your other forum members and to kindly ask questions about others views you dont understand.

Thanks for visiting and please use the site help forums to submit your suggestions!


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